Faiza Gillani

Financial Consultant
We all believe that the purpose of our life is to be happy, right? But the real goal is to CREATE A DIFFERENCE!
This article is the one for you, to create a difference! 

Great article  Faiza Gillani   this question really made me evaluate my life up to this point of typing 

'It comes down to this: What are you DOING that’s making a difference?'

I have always planned the teaching style that I wanted the students to feel a difference after spending a semester in my class. Like I wanted them to either learn a new skill usually that would be Excel, report writing or presentation. Or even to realise that finance may not be their passion that they thought six months ago. I believe I have made a difference in the student's lives, and hopefully in a positive way at least. I have purchased make up etc and then feeling empty afterwards, like what to do next. But I enjoyed the seven hours it took me to build the Lego Stormtroopers Head from scratch. 

Inspiring someone to try something new, or to make them believe in themselves is really a life well lived!!!
That's great! The first step toward making a difference is to motivate others to do something great.
You are building many other professions that will do wonders to the society!! 
Wow, this article is super amazing, especially these lines say all about the purpose of life and happiness "The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” 
Thanks for sharing it Faiza..😍
Apparently, 2020 taught us that the most uncertain events can happen the very next second. Besides COVID'19 outbreak, many other strange things have happened since 2019. You'll be amazed to know how earth has revealed its weirdness, hit the link below:
True, but like climate change, people have had a direct impact on changing weather patterns, deforestation, animals becoming endangered or extinct. What are your thoughts on these issues?
Yes, I do agree to this. The events and innovations discussed in this article refers to the changes that are not in our own hands. Other issues that you have mentioned are being addressed by other entities like WWF, to conserve our planet, reducing the ecological footprint, highlighting  the issue of climate change and emphasizing the importance forests and wild life. We should also join hands in overcoming these issues. 
Human intelligence is the ability of a person to learn from past experiences and adapt to new situations. Our experiences shape us in the way we respond to certain changes in life and helps us manipulate the environment we live in and people we're surrounded by. You would've been curious to know how much you're learned and to what extent you can handle abstract concepts. Here's a link where you will get to know about yourself: https://www.arealme.com/mental/en/#:~:text=For%20the%20purpose%20of%20this,a%2010%2Dyear%2Dold.