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Hope everyone is doing well. I was reading online about the various initiatives, boot camps that have appeared in Pakistan and reading about so many girls who would never have thought of learning digital skills are now supporting their homes from the income they have earned through learning those new skills. Covid 19 has given young women an opportunity to learn and earn online as freelancers or as employees. I am really amazed that these girls with limited financial resources, sometimes with little family support but having 100% determination work hard, get certified and start to earn much more than before. 

I have always told my students that you have many opportunities but the first step is looking for those opportunities and hearing such success stories should inspire rather than making you feel jealously or depressed. I have already sent the digiskills.pk link to my ex-students and those who I know will avail these opportunities are the ones who do make a difference in their own lives and local communities. 

Pakistan's younger women riding a digital wave in drive for better jobs


Covid has allowed people from all backgrounds to earn a living from tech by taking online courses. On Instagram, alison.com. skillshare etc, and LinkedIn learning. If anyone wants to change careers and go the tech route, now is the best time.

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