I have ventured into 2021 with a commitment to myself to break the shackles of procrastination.  As a psychotherapist, I do have an insight into this curse's mechanism, yet I cannot seem to break my own vicious circle of the big P!  So I am here on this platform to seek some support to help myself.  So I am open to any suggestions or support you can provide.  Thank you.  
Hi Misbah, I understand this is a very serious issue because i have been doing that a lot lately. Most of the times there is something going on in back of your mind, that is pulling you and stopping you from doing anything at all be that a depressive thought or a fear of some kind. I think the best way is self motivation and to figure out the actual reason of your procrastination. Only then, you can find solutions for it. You can start off with listing the things you think before doing something and then you can motivate yourself by setting little reward for yourself that will make you happy (e.g watching an episode of a season, eating chocolates, talking to someone etc). You can ask anyone at your home or any of your friend who is willing to help to ask you every hour or 2 hour about your progress that actually helps kick start the work. Starting is the hardest. Once you start doing something then it becomes easy (it takes time but it helps).
Thank you so much, Warda, yes you are absolutely right, there is always a route cause for these things.  I am a very organised person, and I love making a list :) I have joined an online support group, too, to keep me motivated. The first step is always the hardest you are very right.  Take care :) 
Hi All

2020 has been a year where people have been super productive or the complete opposite.  Misbah you are right there we have to find the root cause before searching for solutions. I think for me, I may want to avoid doing certain tasks, so would occupy myself with other less important easier tasks in order to avoid doing the important dreaded task. To stay productive I have made efforts to not use my phone as a distraction to not get work done, by getting rid of games, Facebook and other kinds of apps. There is a great video from Patrica Bright, she has a separate channel about making money, taking care of money etc. I have uploaded her video about staying productive and a link to her channel. Also like you say you enjoy making lists, so investing in some stationary like a bullet journal, or planner so you can check off the items as they get done, its a way of holding your self accountable by making sure you get your tasks ticked off.

Increasing your productivity

Hope it helps, 
That is wonderful Khalida thank you very much.  I will definitely look at the resources you have shared and will keep you all updated! 

Thank you 
Misbah  Hi Misbah, I am glad you brought this topic up as everyone in the world has felt or is feeling what you're going through. I hope these videos help in giving some ideas on how to be more productive. Especially to avoid grabbing our phones all day long. 
Misbah your right, working in an office environment, you have that 'work mode' in your brain so you do not get time to waste on other activities. But working from home is another story, especially if you are running your home, taking care of kids. Like the other day, I was working in the lounge and I saw somethings needed washing and I actually stopped my work and did the washing lol. So I am inspired by women who do work from home and are able to work solid hours and their secret is creating that home office vibe so you feel like you are in your own 'bubble' and not to get distracted from home activities. 
Khalida Durrani Absolutely, even a desk/chair set up under the stairs, or any other extra space works wonders.  Also, I have noticed if you put a desk against a wall it keeps you from distractions.  Good luck to everyone facing this tremendous struggle and challenge.  
I will be investing in an office table and if you look in Pinterest, you can find some really nice ideas for a small home office set up
Sure will do as a therapist I need to get myself sorted lol!
Khalida Durrani  I think my biggest motivation for joining herdomain was to connect with other women. My usual connections are on SM or my social circle.  So I though to expand my horizons in 2021 and start building networks outside of my comfort zone. 
Misbah  great, this is indeed a great space to meet women from all walks of life. I hope networking in this forum opens new doors and perspectives for everyone here!!! 

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