Hey everyone! I am Zumar Noor and I really commend the idea of this community! I am an aspiring data scientist, mother of a toddler and MS student at FAST NUCES, Karachi. I am eagerly looking for connections and learning opportunities through this platform. Looking forward to getting to know all of you better!
HiΒ  Zumar Noor I welcome you to this community and you have indeed come to the right place!!!!. First of all, let's congratulate the fact that your a masters student, a MOTHER and have the ambition for a career in TECH!!!!!!
There has been no better time for women to join the tech industry and to carve a career that gives them the work-life balance that traditional 9-5 office jobs can not provide especially in Pakistan.Β 
My role in the forum is to help women like you with providing engaging content, resources and community participation so that you can find, contribute and develop long-lasting relationships with women like yourself, and further your career goals in your chosen field.
So if you have any questions, advice to give, or recommend a woman that has inspired you in any way do write it here. Whatever your looking for this community is here to help you find it.
Also, its a great, safe place just to have a chat with great women!!!!Β 

Thanks a lot Khalida Durrani Β for such a warm welcome. Indeed, it is extremely hard for married women to continue their studies and pursue careers with a family to look after. 9-5 office jobs are not convenient nor working from home. I am just waiting for my kid to grow and go to school then tution so that I can get some time for my pursuits. ;-) Β 
Your not alone, a lot of women do take a longer break when they are starting families. Here in the UK, there is kind of a like a program that companies support women coming back from a career break. I hope it starts in Pakistan too, that companies do see the career break for the family as a positive and not a negative. Do comment on what other resources you would like or topics you would be interested in reading. Also, post what you're interested in and start a conversation!!!!

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