With COVID 19 many businesses shifted to a more online, virtual workspace. Where employees can skip their commute to work and complete their tasks at home. This new normal of working can succeed of you have employer trust, that they give their employees the flexibility to do their work online, knowing it will get done. What I have noticed is the greater use of the term flexi working, job sharing and agile working, where companies take certain jobs and transform them into more adaptable tasks that focus on completing a certain number of hours by more than one person, leaving the employees to put time into their career development or other personal responsibilities.

COVID 19 will end in the near future, but remote/virtual working is here to stay. Companies have seen they can save money on office space rent, commuting, while employees have benefitted from extra time at home, again saving the commute. Despite these advantages from remote working, the social interaction that you get in the office, those canteen jokes, or the inspired idea that was generated while you and your friends were standinf by the water cooler has gone. The increased loneliness of not being able to talk to colleagues can have a huge impact on those who do live alone. 

Here are some articles, food for thought for our forum members, some of you have been remote working since graduation and some are like me, working online due to COVID 19. How will the workspace change after COVID 19, should we go back to the office? Is the blended learning of online classes the future for education? Do you miss the office gossip sessions?

Home working here to stay, study of businesses suggests

Companies are trying to connect remote workers with ‘virtual water coolers’ – but it’s harder than it sounds

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