Hello everyone and wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!!!!!!. 2020 was a transformative, eye-opening, thought-provoking, heart-rendering, soul-crushing of a year to say the least. We have seen communities come together to support BlackLivesMatter movement, essential workers, climate change, farmers in India, to the harsh realities of the abuse domestic servants live through as witnessed by the tragic death of little Zahra Shah. 

This year we have seen the very best and worst of humanity, but I am still hoping that the best will outweigh the worst and that it is not too late to make a positive impact on this world. That young men and women of emerging economies like Pakistan to realise their potential and responsibility to take their country into the next era equipped with the academics, skills and experience to avail the opportunities to turn Pakistan into a more prosperous, innovative, tolerant and exciting nation that attracts investment from all corners of the globe.!!!!!

What I want to tell all-female IT/Tech graduates that COVID 19  has changed how we work, how we brand ourselves, how we write a resume and so on. Below are a few articles that I want to share with all the followers here to help them set themselves apart from the competition by writing a 'killer' LinkedIn profile and resume.

Good Luck and I want to hear from all of you, about how COVID 19 has changed the way you think about remote working, freelancing as a full-time career in the comments below!!!!

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