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I hope everyone is well and had a great Monday. There was an article on BBC about people sharing their passion for reading and its known as 'Bookstagram'. I know I am guilty of posting pics of what I am reading I did that since getting back to reading in 2018 when I discovered liberty books and readings. pk, online retailers where I could get the latest non-fiction and fiction books at great prices with quick delivery. The prices of Liberty books are a bit higher but they do package the books in nice brown paper, it gives that real vintage vibe.
Last year I read Becoming by Michelle Obama and oh my word. She is truly an inspiration to all women. Reading the story of her childhood, how her mother fought for her education. Her career journey, meeting Barack and the Whitehouse the list goes on.
It is so important for women to hear the stories of such women, their struggles and journey which is not always portrayed in the media.
Even today there is still a great level of inequality in the workplace for women and more so for minority women, that we have to shout 10 times louder than our 'white' counterparts.
I saw on youtube a short clip of Michelle on Ellen's show and it was so funny when she described her first kiss with a boy named Ronnel, the way Michelle said it's a BLACK Ron-Nel was so funny. It's like saying white people can not say Denzal Washinton the way black people do. Den-Zell!!!!!

Here is a link to the Michelle video I was talking about

Actually, my point is that let's start a book club!!!!. What we could have one day in a month we can post about a favourite book we have read, what kind of books are we into, how do you get in the feel of reading? Do you have a special place in your home you like to read? or a special coffee mug? Also, those who are parents do you get time to read to your kids. I remember just before Dinner my dad would tell us stories of Sinbad and Genie in the lamp, the films he would see in the cinema during the 1940s in Quetta.

So let me know is a book CluB a space you guys would be interested?????

Goodreads is a great place to find book recommendations, join reading communities and make new friends. 


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