With the onset of the new year, you always seem to hear the same old resolutions, to quit smoking, to learn a new skill or language, to take that holiday that you always wanted (not now anyway), to volunteer more, spend less on impulse fashion trend items and the DREADED lose weight/get into fitness.

I am guilty of the last one. Since 2012 I have always made this promise and always look for those quick-fix workouts or stomach belts that you wear for 30 mins and all your stomach fat is melted away. I had one of those!!!!!.

In December, I let myself go and really enjoyed the festive coffee drinks of Starbucks and Costs, cream included.  So to celebrate the New Year and to get back on the healthy train I have included some links to my favourite youtube fitness gurus, where I have indeed seen results.

Why I am including home workouts, as we are spending so much time at home, and for those who live in flats or do not have a nearby park to head to or it's just too cold to go outside, these workouts will burn the fat and tone those muscles. Working out also improves our mood, and helps to increase our concentration when were at work. Honestly spending so much time on my laptop and phone has made my neck and shoulders quite stiff so I love doing the neck and shoulder workouts of Hana Milly and Emi Wong


What kind of workouts do you like to do. If you want me to suggest any workout videos to target particular concerns let me know I will post them here. Also if any of you have any videos you would like to share then do so!!!!!

Hi Khalida. Would you please share effective and easy tummy fat losing videos (that show results in a month) please?
Hi Yeah, I will. There are some great 15 day and 30-day workout challenges. The secret is you have to commit to it. Also with diet suggest drinking as much water as you can. When you feel hungry it actually means your body is thirsty so you need to drink water rather than a snack.

Emi Wong 2 week ABS&LEGS
Hana Milly 10 day ab shred
Hana Milly 21 day hourglass summer body
Emi Wong 28 day Ab challenge
Hana Milly lose side belly fat
Emi Wong 15 day abs

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